A Northern Sector Tabletop SF RPG Gathering

Registration for North Star is open!

To register for North Star simply send the following fees via Paypal to the payment email address. You will then be added to the list below:

  • £25 for the full weekend
  • £13 for Saturday Only (please state in Paypal)
  • £13 for Sunday Only (please state in Paypal)

Accommodation is available by booking directly with the venue. Alternative hotels are also available in close proximity.


Steve Ellis (Gold Leader)
Remi Fayomi (Rogue One)
Graham Spearing
Dom Mooney
Elaine McCourt
Fil Baldowski
Paul Baldowski
Sarah Newton
Declan Feeney
Simon Bell
Darran Sims
Paul Mitchener
Mark Threlfall
Amy Williams
John Davis
Glenn Berry
Dr Bob
Tom Zunder
Massie Harper
Alison Lloyd
Kristy Smith
Simon Burley
John Reed
Jamie Angus
Andrew Whiteoak
James Boldock
Andy Lilly
Simon Beaver
John Ruddy
Lynn Yin
John Ossoway
Guy Milner
Pete Griffith
Debbie Bagg
Richard Talbot
Stuart Mousir-Harrison
Neil McGurk
Newt Newport