Register Your Games

North Star is all about playing the SF roleplaying games. Game submissions are provided by signed up attendees of the convention.

How do you do this? We use a simple Google Sheets document for you to enter your games.

1) You must be registered to book game slots.
2) You can book up to two slots.
3) You need to fill in the Sheet on the Timetable tab and game details tabs.
4) It is okay that you don’t have full details right now but we will firm things up nearer the convention. The details need to include the safety tags when finalised.
All game slots are booked before the convention and based on demand and favoured preferences where possible.

Fill in your details here:

Players will be contacted to sign up for games closer to the event.

Here’s the timetable from our 2023 convention.

It’s all about the games…

Here are just a few of the games offered at the 2023 event.